Pure NZ 10+ Manuka Honey - 250g

Pure NZ 10+ Manuka Honey - 250g

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This Manuka Honey contains at least 263MGO.

Medium Grade: 10+ UMF is Excellent for everyday use to support the immune system. Take a teaspoon per day in a hot drink, breakfast cereal or by itself.

Everyone knows the benefits of Manuka Honey. That's why there are so many imitators. Our Manuka Honey is a genuine, high-quality Manuka taken straight from hand managed hives on a family property out where it's clean and green; This Honey Is the REAL DEAL!

Here's an unrefined sugar you can enjoy- take on a teaspoon in the morning or as needed great for health & immune system and can help relieve stress, nervous tension. It can be applied to wounds as a natural anti-bacterial and healing agent.

Yobees is proud to be a small business, pouring our passion for high quality, natural, mānuka honey into every step of production, from our selectively-bred mānuka cultivars, to our healthy hives, to your happy home.

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