About Yobees

Welcome to Yobees, we are 100% New Zealand (Kiwi) owned and operated company which is located in Whanganui/Taranaki.

Yobess is co-owned by Johann Ander, Neil Walker and Daniele Maspani. We developed this company in 2013.
Here is some info about our founders.

Meet The Team

Johann Ander

Hi, I'm the manager/part owner and director of Yobees Honey Ltd. I have been very passionate about beekeeping ever since I was young buck. I've had 8 years of full time beekeeping experience and have my Certificate in Apiculture, along with my DECA and other qualifications. I was given a leadership scholarship and certificate from the government.

Part of that was for going on an internship and knowledge exchange to Japan to Yamada Bee Company.


Neil Walker

Hi, I'm involved in a wide range of national and local business and politics. I am chair of Taumaha Trust, Yobees Honey Ltd, Mangaone Manuka Ltd, Nukuhau Carbon Ltd, Manuka research Partnership NZ Ltd, and Manuka Farming NZ ltd. Former Chair of Apiculture Governance review Board and have served as chair of the Dairy Industry association (DIANZ) and I was until 2016 a Director of FSANZ. I am head of the Primary Group partnership promoting the Manuka, Honey Industry. I am Chair of the Government Policy Advisory Group of Research, science and Engineering until 2016. I am 7th Term Taranaki Regional Councillor. Chair of Policy and Planning and Taranaki Waste Management.


Dan Maspani

Hi, I am part owner and director for Yobees. I am Originally from Italy but I've been living and loving the Kiwi lifestyle for more than 4 years now. I have had the pleasure of working outdoors in different farm blocks. I do jobs like maintenance, planting, pruning, hunting and work management. Me, my wife and three kids live on a small block of land where we enjoy our organic produce from the garden, milk and cheese from the cow and obviously honey from bees. I'm an avid knife maker and a general handyman.